Last Stop

"One of the most exciting things about “Last Stop” is how its set and lighting are such an integral part of the drama. Four moveable white walls and a variety of lighting changes create absorbing worlds onstage.

Taking its inspiration from the social interactions and emotions that occur during travel, “Last Stop” incorporates transit-like announcements into its score which features music by Estes-Brown, Ezio Bosso, Federico Mompou, Mozart, Xavier Cugat, Adrian Klumpes, Annie Corey and The Crew Cuts."

                                                                                           -Rachel Hellwig, ArtsBham


with/out words

Inspired by the Orwellian dystopian language of Newspeak, "with/out words" explores the correlation between language and freedom of thought, personal identity, self-expression, and free will. 


The Rise

With an original score, The Rise is feature-length dance film that examines power and its ability to corrupt and distort. Through the medium of film, dance is experienced in an intimate and personal way.



Trapped inside a Noir film plot, Alice becomes the prime suspect of a murder involving devious and deceitful characters.  A dangerous web of crime and intrigue quickly ensnare Alice as she soon realizes that she must find the real killer herself. Can Alice navigate this world of treachery before she meets her own demise?

Premiering in July of 2019, Alibi takes the audience through a mysterious and dark plot that will have them on the edge of their seats.




June 19th & 20th, 2020 CZ returns with an all new dance theater experience.


"The dance community needs to take note of emerging choreographer, Kristopher Estes-Brown. His work is fresh and thoughtful. His musicality is poetic. I found myself smiling during the entire performance of Concept Zero Dance Theater."

  - Angel Mercier, Performing Arts Series, JCCC


"With his daring, technically honed dancers, Kristopher Estes-Brown creations are wildly imaginative and highly designed with an ever apparent sincerity behind each movement."
  - Audra Sokol, BSDT Director


photography: Paul Versuis

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