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The full performance of Alibi is being offered for a limited time in CZ's response to Covid-19. In an attempt to offer high-quality theatrical performances while protecting the safety of dance theater enthusiasts. We are offering this free of charge. However, Concept Zero will be offering donations and tips from audience members who enjoyed the video.







Created by Kristopher Estes-Brown

Premiered July of 2019

Original Music: Kristopher Estes-Brown

Scenic Design, Lighting, and Video: Kristopher Estes-Brown

Costume Design: Jennifer Tierney


Trapped inside a Noir film plot, Alice becomes the prime suspect of a murder involving devious and deceitful characters.


Alibi features choreography and a new musical score by Kristopher Estes-Brown and costumes by former Concept Zero dancer turned fashion designer, Jennifer Tierney.

Run time: 60 minutes






venmo: @Concept_Zero

Alibi-Ghost Pas de DeuxKristopher Estes-Brown
00:00 / 04:53

The entire Alibi Soundtrack is available for download  BandCamp. Enjoy Kristopher Estes-Brown's original music and relive the mystery and intrigue of Alibi anywhere!  

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