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The Rise

Rise 10.jpg

Created by Kristopher Estes-Brown

Filmed in June 2016

Photographed and edited by Christopher Good

Original Music: Kristopher Estes-Brown with Genevieve and Maura Kate Frank

Scenic Design and Carpenter: Anthony Putzier

Costume Design: Anastasia Rendina


Ascension is in our nature.

Eight performers struggle to persevere, climbing each rung in an attempt to arrive. The view from the top is so much better, but what about those you have to step on to get there? 


The Rise focuses on themes of power, and human's desire to rule themselves and others. Alliances are formed, promises are broken, and the struggle to decide 'how much is too much?' emerges. 


Intimacy and trust struggle to remain with each passing movement. 


Run time: 49 minutes






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